About us

We are a young company founded in 2013 and located in Quebec, Canada. We created CommerscaleTM in 2013 but opened it for public in 2016.

At first, the idea was to create an inventory management system. Then, after a couple of years creating websites and e-commerce websites, we decided to create a CMS (Content Management System) to create our websites on top of it.

Since no commercial or open source solutions were offering us everything we wanted and the way we wanted it, we decided to create it from scratch. We worked on it during 2 years before being able to create a first website using it.


Once we created our first website using the platform, we discovered many bugs (surprised ?). We then worked on it during a couple of months to stabilize everything. After the platform has been fully tested, we added the e-commerce features that were needed to create e-commerce websites. In early 2016, we created many e-commerce websites using our platform to test it and make it easy to understand and master by anybody.

In late 2016, we launched it publicly, allowing people to sign up and create their own e-commerce website.

We decided to offer a cloud-based pricing instead of fixed plans. The goal is to offer all our features at the right price for every website owner.