The changelog contains all the versions of the CommerscaleTM platform with a short description of what was added/changed/fixed on the version.

2017-04-28 19h06

Added White-Label (rebranding) feature.
Added Affiliate Program.
Corrected some small bugs.
Added mobile/tablet preview screen on theme editor.
Added GZip compression on each page/file that is served.

2017-03-08 19h44

Added a public changelog to show everyone what has changed on Commerscale.
Added a blog so we can share useful content with our customers.
Added a feature to define a different price per product variant.

2017-02-13 18h39

Added email marketing triggers for new customers.

2017-02-10 06h30

Added a visual tutorial for new customers to guide them on their first login.

2017-02-09 14h04

Added WebHooks feature to notify you as needed for different events that occur on the platform

2017-01-03 17h36

Added a complete knowledge base (KB) to help new and existing customers better navigate through the platform and manage their website/store.

2016-12-08 20h41

Bug fixes concerning the cart and checkout. Sometimes, the checkout/cart was giving error on new customers. This happened on some specific cases and affected only a small portion of online stores.

2016-12-08 20h40

Bug fixes concerning the statistics (sales, visitors, hits, etc.). Some stats were not displaying on new stores.

2016-11-15 22h53

The encoding has been changed for UTF-8 to support all Unicode characters for multilingual websites.

2016-11-09 21h36

Added a new feature in the theme's source code editor to avoid overriding changes of a co-worker who is working on the same files. When a user saves a file, it checks the current (local) version of the file against the version on the server to see if it matches.

Also added an automatic deletion of the oldest 50 file versions. Now, no more than 50 versions of each theme file are kept in the history. This avoid having a huge file history that takes time to load on the client browser.

2016-11-08 19h22

Some minor bug fixes with the theme's source code editor has been made.

2016-11-07 19h21

Completely changed the visual of the Point Of Sale (POS). It is now more user-friendly and we changed the visual a lot.

2016-11-06 08h39

First stable version ready to welcome online store owners !