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An Introduction to Commerscale Blog: Why Join Us?

Welcome to and our first blog post. We plan to write a series of blog posts for our customers as well as interested readers to introduce our brand, what we offer, how our services can make things happen for you and where we are moving ahead.

Who Are We?

We have already documented everything about us on our official "About US" page, do visit it to learn more, but here's a brief introduction to Commerscale.

Founded in 2013, the platform was officially launched for customers in 2016, after 3 years of brainstorming, hundreds of cups of coffee, sleepless nights, some high-end coding and technology integration - thanks to our tech team.  

To be honest, it was all about an inventory management system when we first sat together in 2013, but the concept soon evolved into an e-commerce platform, then into a one-of-a-kind fully customizable CMS (Content Management System) that offers an all-in-one solution to business owners, bloggers and individuals.

What Makes Commerscale Different?

But wait, aren't there so many similar platforms out there? So what's special about Commerscale?

Yes, there are many, but we are different.

There is one fundamental difference between other similar platforms and Commerscale - We focus on developers.

We understand that building a website from scratch is a hard task, and even if you're smart enough, it can be time consuming for a busy business owner to wrap all this correctly. This is why we believe a good website should always be created by a developer who is aware of all the aspects of a good website (and is able to achieve it).

We are devs, you are dev, we created this for you so you can better serve your customers.

As a developer, you get access to a discounted price so you can resell the website hosting directly through Commerscale. You set the price, your customer gets invoiced, you get your profit margin every month, without having to handle anything except the code !

Interesting and unique, isn't it? We earn when our clients earn, our pricing is based on this simple concept. Learn more about our pricing by visiting our Pricing page and explore the features you are offered.

But This Is Not Where We Stop

Have you explored our features? - Exciting, aren't they? - But here is something more exciting. Our tech team is working on a lot more, so stay tuned for some top-of-the-shelf features that are coming your way.

With us, the passion for making things better and better will never stop.

From well-integrated affiliate program to an option to integrate products in another website, there is a long list of exciting features that will be added to our platform very soon.

Our ultimate goal is to turn our platform into something where you can create websites just like WordPress, but in a more convenient way and with better features.

Simply put, we are doing a lot and putting our utmost efforts to offer an exceptional online experience for our clients. The best way to keep yourself updated about the new features we are working on and what we have done so far is to keep an eye on our changelog and on the roadmap.

Become a Part of an Exciting Future

Simply put, we are inviting you to join an exciting White-Label CMS platform that offers you everything you need for successful start of your online website development business. With us, you can grow without worrying about high cost of features and hosting. Let us provide you the best possible features and technologies for your websites while you concentrate only on what you love - code.

It is time to move forward to a brighter future.


First post ! Here's Commerscale
An Introduction to Commerscale Blog: Why Join Us? Welcome to and our first blog post. We plan to write a...

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