The API allows you to select, create, update and delete data from your store using very simple-to-understand JSON requests. Since it's technology-independant you can use any technology to call the API.

All requests to the API are SSL-secured and requires authentication information.

The API is subject to a fee everytime you call it. Please check the pricing page for more details.

Who can use this API ?

Every store has it's own private API key that can be used to call the API. No manual application must be done, every store is ready to be requested through it's API. You can view or change your API key by loging into your store and going on the advanced parameters then on "API Access" section.

Click here if you are currently logged into your store to be redirected directly to this page.

Sandbox testing

If you want a sandbox store to test your API requests before going live, please write an email at [email protected]. We will issue a sandbox store that you will be able to use right away.

General help topics

Operations (JSON)

Operations per type

Code examples